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Research and Insights

Take advantage of our data driven insights into the South Florida vacation rental market. We analyze our repository of vacation rental data for profit optimizing strategies and share key findings here. For additional insight into any topic please get in contact.

Hedge fund capital investing in short term rentals 

June 2021 - Real Estate Investment Fund ReAlpha to pay $1.5B to buy 100 to 500 short term vacation rental properties at an unprecedented scale. The firm will focus on markets such as Austin, Miami, and Dallas. This is an early sign that large institutional "smart money" is seeing a lucrative opportunity in the short term rental space.


South Florida real estate market is investors dream

July 2021 - Forbes reports unprecedented numbers of families and investors from the north east are relocating to Florida to take advantage of the economic opportunities and all year great weather. With booming tourism and high profile attention from companies relocating offices, and even Elon Musk, prospects for further real estate growth are positive.

Our data analytics shows better ROI on inland properties  

May 2021 - We studied data on thousands of AirBnb properties in Broward county and identified revenue performance for different cities and locations. While walking distance to the ocean adds significant revenue, current real estate premiums on those properties are steep. We see better economics on inland locations. We identified other trends with regards to proximity to Miami, airports, and other considerations


We identified the top 5 profit optimizing rental amenities  

May 2021 - Using statistical analysis on rental data, and feedback from hundreds of guest reviews, we have identified the 5 most value adding home investments to optimize profitability. For example, while a hot tub costs an upfront $5,000, data on thousands of rental properties shows this amenities adds about $300 of recurring monthly rental income, breaking even after 2 years. We identified other profitable features like this.


Booming vacation rentals bring challenges for new owners

July 2021 - NY Times reports that many new investors of short term rentals are finding that managing their rental is significantly harder than they imagined. Turning over properties for cleaning, addressing 24/7 guest requests, and optimizing calendar pricing is best left to professionals with scale.

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